The Northern AV Group Meeting  March 12th 2022

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 This It was with great delight that the members of the Northern Audio Visual Group were able to meet in person after what seemed like so many years.  We predicted that twenty members might turn up so it was with even greater delight that we accommodated twenty-nine.

The meeting opened with an introduction by Val Johnston, our chairman, following which we were entertained by AV sequences by some of our members. 
We started off with “Where the Rivers End” by Kath and Harry Gilbert.  This was a fascinating journey around Bangladesh with some very good local sound. 
This was followed by “Baron Armstrong” by Pat Johnston, a biography of the North’s more famous sons who put northern engineering firmly on the map. 
We then went to Marske with Lynn Flounders as our guide in which we discovered that there was more to Marske than we could have imagined. 

Then Ian Gregory took us to the “Ugly Bug Ball” which was a series of close-ups of insects with a couple of short movie sequences.  Burl Ives provided the music. 
“When I’m 64” was David Niman’s take on the old Beatles favourite with a slightly irreverent look at advancing years. 
“Meadow Sutcliffe” by Val Johnston was a sequence about the photographer Frank Sutcliffe whose old photographs of Whitby are so well-known. 

All these sequences were reviewed by Anne and John Harbron, both highly experienced AV producers.   They gave favourable comments on all the productions and were not afraid to tell us how, if necessary, they could be improved.  Their input and advice would prove invaluable to all of us.

We then moved on to the highlight of the day which was a talk by our guest speaker, Ron Henry, who is know to all of us having been associated with the Group for many years.  He is known for his wit and sense of humour which was once again apparent as he talked us through fifty years of learning how to produce an AV.  One of the interesting things about this was the fact that we saw pictures not only of life fifty years ago but also of Ron fifty years ago.  Ron explained how he put a show together and gave a run-down on the equipment that he used.  He showed us how, over the years, equipment had changed, and he showed us some of his own work.  Well worth the journey to Snods Edge.

After a wonderful buffet lunch Ron continued his talk which was followed by a general discussion on how, as a club, we would continue and what format the meetings would take.  Would they be live or would they be by Zoom?   Keep looking at the website.

This was followed by the remaining AV sequences produced by our members. 
Jim McCormick took us on a tour of Paris.  His last photograph, a panoramic view of Paris at night, was particularly memorable. 
Andrew Nicoll’s “Aspects of Islay” took us on a trip round the Scottish island of Islay know for its Whisky as much as for its beauty. 
We went to the Alps with Pat Johnston and his sequence, “Top of Europe” and were treated to Tyneside architecture by Howard Wilson with “Behind the Byker Wall”. 
David Niman then showed us a sequence entitled “The Way through the Woods” based on Kipling’s well-known poem. 
Finally, we came back to Tyneside with a sequence by Val Johnston on the Tyne bridges which connect Newcastle to Gateshead. 

Once again we had the benefit of the thoughts of Anne and John Harbron.  The presentations were of a high standard and enjoyed by all.

After thanks to our guest speaker, critics, AV producers and to everyone present who made the meeting such a success, our chairman closed the meeting.

The Northern AV Group Meeting  October 23rd 2021
Zoom Meeting

The Group is Alive and Zooming

We had planned a "live" meeting of the NAV Group at Snods Edge on Saturday 23rd October and were all set to spend the morning discussing aspects of our Annual General Meeting followed by an afternoon of member's AVs, but Snods Edge was not to be

Half of our Group are reticent about meeting face to face whilst the other half dislike Zoom meetings and our Government was shilly-shallying about a fresh outbreak of Covid 19.
In the end, the committee decided to play safe and operate our second Zoom meeting with 24 members attending.

Holding an AGM was important because Paul, our esteemed Honorary Treasurer, had resigned and was due to be succeeded by Patrick, but before the bank would accept the change we needed the membership to officially approve the appointment.
Our Chairman and Secretary had also come to the end of their term. Thankfully, Val Johnston volunteered to take the role of Chairperson and David Niman was voted in as Secretary.
These appointments mean our Group is under new and dynamic management for the next year so thank you and good wishes to those volunteers who are keeping the Group alive.

The afternoon was filled with thirteen member's AV sequences from "Big Bands" to "Big Rivers". From "Life in the Slow Lane" to "Delta Days".
I have a recollection from not too many years ago when our members would screen mediocre sequences which were totally outshone by the slickness of AVs shown by guest speakers.
Not so these days.
Our members constantly produce programmes which are every bit as good.

Our "Oktoberfest" may not have been as we had proposed, but it was enjoyable, and we may be saving the planet by not having 15 cars on the road. Keep looking in this spot for advance notice of our March 2022 meeting - whether it be live or Zooming

The Northern AV Group Meeting  March 20th 2021
Zoom Meeting

 This one was a first: the first time the meeting was held online:-and It went like a dream!
There was no stuttering of AVs, the transitions behaved themselves, no one had to make 30 teas or serve 30 lunches, no one had to put out or clear away a hall full of chairs.
The wretched pandemic had meant we could not meet in person and this time we had decided we would not cancel the event: oh no!  We would grasp the nettle and get on with it.
Plans had been laid well and carefully: 15 AVs had been supplied by their authors in the requested form;  30 people made up our audience with members  joining from Cumbria, Tyneside, Teesside, and North Yorkshire; the programme for the day and help notes for successful viewing had been circulated to all.
 In true AV fashion we travelled the world; we explored our local area; we found ways of dealing with the “L” word (Lockdown); we found that there are ways to get out of chairs easily if you are brave enough!  Our memories were stirred by seeing places we too had visited in the past.

Our future hopes include new ideas on our mental holiday lists.It had been a great day and absolutely worth the time and effort involved so THANK YOU: thank you to the authors of the AVs and thank you to all the audience who “gave it a go”.