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Saturday October 19th 2024

Full day at Riding Mill.   Linda and Edgar Gibbs both MPAGB/AV,  well known names in the AV world and from the Welsh Federation will join us by zoom to share some of their work and techniques.  Watch this space for further details.

Saturday 13th July  2024 (date to be confirmed)

A morning of member’s sequences with comments and appreciation from the group. The theme for this meeting is a COLOUR.  Choose your colour and build up a theme around it.   It’s a good idea to start collecting material now!!

Saturday 16th March 2024

Full day at Snod’s Edge.  There will be the usual opportunity for member’s to show their AVs and receive comments from member Stuart Edgar.

The emphasis of speaker Ron Henry will be on AV technique.  

Concept to Completion - Ron Henry

Having been asked to spend a couple or three hours demonstrating some techniques in the dark art of audio-visual production; I thought long and hard.

Ron in Gear-1.jpg

Over the years at Snods Edge, we have listened to, watched, and learned from, some of the great people in our hobby sharing their considerable expertise. What on earth can I contribute to that?

The problem is things are now moving so fast in photography. No longer is “AI” simply a Geordies answer to the question “can you remember the trolly busses in Newcastle” it has become a reality. Artificial Intelligence is now at the forefront of our hobby.

I have produced an a-v especially for this demonstration and I intend to discuss the events leading up to the production, where the idea came from, how it developed, and how the images came about. We will watch the finished result then dissect and analyse the programme.

My intention is you will see some of the things possible with today’s software and how it can be incorporated into an a-v. Is it some help, a hinderance or even a cheat. Hopefully you will be inspired to produce audio visual programmes with which you are happy whether you involve ‘gimmicks’ or not.

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