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Northern Focus Spring 2021

Harry Morrison

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The NCPF have asked us to inform you of the death or Harry Morrison. Although Harry was not an AV worker, several our members have participated in the activities of Photographic Societies for many years, and it is likely that, during their involvement, they will have come across Harry or his outstanding work.

Thomas Henry (Harry) Morrison M.Sc., FIEE, FRPS, APAGB was born on 25th April 1921 in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. During his long retirement from engineering, Harry became a regular contributor of lectures to the Newcastle Lit and Phil Society and to many local clubs, with his highly informed and beautifully illustrated talks using his own photographs on subjects ranging from the history of post boxes to prehistoric Orkney.

In his early years in Tyneside from 1948 until the mid-1950s he captured some of his most enduring images and created much of his best work, rising early to capture the Tyne docklands in the early morning light before starting work, and spending hours in the evening developing his photographs in his attic dark room.  Many of these photographs won awards in amateur photographic competitions around the world, and an honorary fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society followed. His collection of Tyneside black & white dockland photographs were displayed in a special exhibition at the Amber Gallery in 2018.

Just two weeks short of his 100th birthday, Harry had lived life to the full, and accomplished much both professionally and personally.  He was always gentlemanly, courteous, wise, considered, modest and earnest but with an occasional droll sense of humour.

A Message from Ron

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These are difficult time and on behalf of the committee of the NAVGroup we wish you well. We know that some will have been hit harder than others so to those and to everyone we offer our hopes for a better future.

We’re just about approaching our regular March meeting at Snods Edge – or at least we would have been had it not been for the pandemic

Like our last two meetings, the 2021 March meeting has been cancelled. We are, however, planning a Zoom meeting for which 23 of our members have signed up. I suppose you are all familiar with these Zoom meetings by now, they are a brilliant way of keeping in touch and seeing how long our fellow members have grown their hair but perhaps not so brilliant at screening audio visual programmes. We’ve already had a trial run to ‘project’ some test programmes which was not very successful but there’s time yet and we are working hard to perfect the plan. If you’re booked in for March, we look forward to seeing you.

Sadly, we have to report the death of one of our dear and long-serving NAVGroup members, Anne Swearman ARPS. In addition to being a brilliant photographer and digital artist, Anne was a stalwart of the RPS and the NCPF, she has been on the photographic judging and lecture circuit for many years and was at the forefront of the introduction of digital photography running courses, workshops and organisations. Anne was a lifelong member of the Whitley Bay Photographic Society (Anne’s obituary can be seen at with tributes on facebook  at she will not only be missed by their members and ours but also throughout photography. Our condolences go to her family. Our secretary holds information of her online funeral.

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Around Christmas time we were contacted by an entrepreneur who had invented and developed a little gadget which supported an umbrella over your head leaving two hands free – that’s what he called his product 2HF or Two Hands Free – I bought one for £14.99 and obviously there have been plenty of opportunities to try it out. It works well protecting you from the rain while leaving both hands to manipulate your camera. 

What you do with the brolly once the rain stops is up for debate but perhaps the rain seldom stops. Look it up at

Perhaps the 2HF umbrella retainer would protect us and our equipment from the elements but that’s providing we can muster the enthusiasm to get out and make AVs. I have caught up with my holiday programmes (holiday! What were they?) but I really am lacking the drive and inspiration to dream up new ideas and transfer these ideas into winning AVs. I need the impetus of a rousing meeting at Snods Edge to stir me into action. October perhaps!

In the meantime, stay safe, have the vaccination twice and we really look forward to virtually seeing you in March and meeting face-to-face in October – Covid permitting.

Ron Henry – Chairman the NAVGroup February 2021

Below please find a few items which may interest you in the coming days, weeks and months ahead

 An Introduction to Audio Visual

Jill Bunting and John Smith 

Date and Time   Tue, 16 February 2021            19:20 – 21:30

Organised by   Chester Photographic Society  £3


IAC Peter Coles International AV Competition 2021

To be held online on Saturday & Sunday 6th & 7th March 2021 Organised by the North Wales & Wirral AV Group  Enquires to Marion Waine



The 321 International Challenge 2021

The Challenge 321 is an international contest for short Diaporamas with a max runtime of 3:21 Minutes. 

This short runtime is the "Challenge" for the Authors.

See 321 website for more information ( Enquires to

Organised by the North Wales & Wirral AV Group and Wilmslow Guild AV Group



Jurassic Coast International AV Salon

To be held online on Saturday 5th June 2021

Organised by the Exmouth Photo Group  Enquires to Information

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