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The Group is Alive and Zooming

We had planned a "live" meeting of the NAV Group at Snods Edge on Saturday 23rd October and were all set to spend the morning discussing aspects of our Annual General Meeting followed by an afternoon of member's AVs, but Snods Edge was not to be

Half of our Group are reticent about meeting face to face whilst the other half dislike Zoom meetings and our Government was shilly-shallying about a fresh outbreak of Covid 19.
In the end, the committee decided to play safe and operate our second Zoom meeting with 24 members attending.

Holding an AGM was important because Paul, our esteemed Honorary Treasurer, had resigned and was due to be succeeded by Patrick, but before the bank would accept the change we needed the membership to officially approve the appointment.
Our Chairman and Secretary had also come to the end of their term. Thankfully, Val Johnston volunteered to take the role of Chairperson and David Niman was voted in as Secretary.
These appointments mean our Group is under new and dynamic management for the next year so thank you and good wishes to those volunteers who are keeping the Group alive.

The afternoon was filled with thirteen member's AV sequences from "Big Bands" to "Big Rivers". From "Life in the Slow Lane" to "Delta Days".
I have a recollection from not too many years ago when our members would screen mediocre sequences which were totally outshone by the slickness of AVs shown by guest speakers.
Not so these days.
Our members constantly produce programmes which are every bit as good.

Our "Oktoberfest" may not have been as we had proposed, but it was enjoyable, and we may be saving the planet by not having 15 cars on the road. Keep looking in this spot for advance notice of our March 2022 meeting - whether it be live or Zooming

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