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A message from Jim McCormick

I’ve a couple of nice bits of equipment I’d like to dispose of and was wondering if any of the members would be interested?

(1)A Rode NT-USB Mini studio quality usb microphone I’ve only used twice. It’s in its original box and in new condition with instructions, cables and power unit.

(Current Amazon price £90)

Rode mini usb mike-1.jpg

(2)A brand new Laser Beam PRO mini projector that I’ve never used. Again it’s in new condition, with instructions and original box with all cables and charger. Battery operated or mains.

(Current Amazon price £170)

See photographs. Best offers.


Laser Beam pro c200 projector.jpg
For Sale.JPG

Any member interested in purchasing all or part of this equipment please contact the NAVGroup secretary, David Niman, at with either an offer to purchase or a request for more specific information.

 We are moving….


After many years meeting at Snods Edge we are changing venue to Riding Mill, a few miles east of Hexham. It is increasingly difficult and expensive to get good speakers to travel long distances. The best compromise to getting good speakers on zoom seems to be for members to meet in person and link to zoom in the hall.  We can't do this at Snods Edge because of a poor signal and lack of Wi Fi hence our new premises where there is good Wi Fi , and audiovisual equipment.

The hall is known as the Parish Hall (there are two halls in the village, the other is the Millennium Hall.)

We shall therefore be meeting at Riding Mill Parish Hall. 


The premises have been inspected by members of the committee and have been found to be suitable, we have good kitchen facilities, and, most important, we can use Wifi.  There are two links below – one to the


Riding Mill Hall website:

….and one to which gives location details:

Riding Mill Village Hall

There is a zoom control on the web page allowing you to enlarge the map.  The postcode is NE44 6DJ


We look forward to seeing you there in October!


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